Final Southpark Character

Bos South Park Character (Final)


For this project, I used a mixture of the pen tool, pencil tool, and shape tool to create the character. I also used different stroke sizes for different parts of the character to keep it as similar to the original Southpark style as possible. I used a reference image for the shapes and layout of the character.

Southpark Character Update Friday 2-14


SP Character Update 1


South park progress 2 (mouth 1)South park progress 2 (mouth 2)South park progress 2 (mouth 3)South park progress 2 (mouth 4)



To make the mouths, I used images from the SouthPark character creator. To build the different mouths, I used a mixture of the shape tool and the pen tool to make the different mouths. I also used the direct selection tool to adjust the shapes of the different mouths.

SouthPark Character Update Friday 2-7

Before:                                                 After:

SP Character before 1SP Character Update 1


Today, I used the pen and pencil to create the hair and the highlight. I used the direct selection tool to adjust the hair as well. I also took all the pieces of the pants and grouped them together.

Gang of Ninjas

Gang of Ninjas (PNG)


During this project, I practiced using fill and stroke with a variety of different shapes. I also had some practice with the pen tool along with the rotate tool to make a gang of ninjas holding weapons.

Border Paths

Border Paths



During this exercise, I got even further practice with the pen tool, but this time instead of images, I had some practices with borders. Within this exercise, I learned how to make different patterns by using curves and straight lines, following a guide line